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Our Price: $595.00
This is the complete roller fuling system for all Macgregor models. You will also need the deck hardware to lead the control line to the cockpit and a headstay compatible with the furler. We can provide you with both. Your headstay must have a standard turnbuckle at the bottom and a swaged threaded stud on the bottom end, not a loop. The luff is not returnable.
Fits V24, V224, V25, M25, M26C, M26X. Does not have sail feed slot cut or any holes for hardware drilled. Must be shipped motor freight, call for quote, disregard quoted shipping on website. Masts are shipped inside a rigid plastic pipe. Mast packaging fee: $100

Select appropriate options if you'd like the mast drilled for hardware installation and/or notched for the sail feed slot.

We recommend buying a new mast foot plate with a new mast so we can drill the holes to match up correctly.
The original boom extrusion is no longer available, this package uses the larger and stronger extrusion also used for the mast on all boats before 2003. We cannot assemble any hardware on the boom before shipping it, as it would not fit in the tube that we use for packaging. This is a complete boom assembly including all factory original hardware redesigned where needed to fit the new larger extrusion.  Does not have any optional hardware such as single line reefing, boom vang bail, or custom outhaul. These kits are available seperately.  Must be shipped motor freight, expect high shipping charges and a $30 special packaging fee.
Newer winch style mast raising system for updating a block and tackle style system to the winch style. Can be retrofitted to older MacGregor & Venture boats without a mast raiser by adding additional parts.
There are a number of parts you may need to add to the kit depending on your boat. This is very specific to the MacGregor Mast and MacGregor hardware. Not intended or sold to other brands of boats. Please click on "Extended information".

Fits all boats except V24 and V224 which had an 11' boom,  we can offer this length.  This will need to be cut to length for all models 17' thru 24'.  Must be shipped motor freight, expect high shipping charges and a $30 special packaging fee. We are using the same section as the mast, this will require that you also replace your boom end caps with the new part, boom end cap large. Please call if you have questions THIS LUFF FITS THE CDI UNIT ONLY.  This is the plastic headfoil for the CDI, Cruising Design, roller furling units.  This plastic luff is what the headsail rolls up onto, the headstay is inside.  Has two groves, one on each side, for sail.  Luff is not returnable.
Our Price: $179.00
A really convenient piece on the 26X as well as older boats.  Eliminates the need for a topping lift because it holds the boom up while raising, lowering, and reefing the sail.  Does not include the block and tackle part of the boom vang.  If you have no boom vang at all, order part # 3301-1V0 also.  Will need to be removed (very easy) to raise the pop top on 26C and older pop top boats.  THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY WITH ROTATING MASTS, DO NOT USE ON 26M.  3301-1v0

This kit includes all of the hardware required to bring your main and headsail halyards back to the cockpit, just forward of the winch on the starboard side. This allows you to raise or lower two sails without going forward to the mast. Use one for the mainsail halyard, and if you have a roller furling jib you can use the second one for the spinnaker or jib sock. Unlike many kits, we use rope clutches to secure the tension on the halyards to assure a safe and positive lock that is easily adjustable.
The kit comes with Spinlock PXR rope clutches.

Backstay tensioner kit for 26X, 26C, M25 and all keel boats with 28' tall mast. Includes new backstay cable with loop at top and bottom, 4:1 blocks and line.  Attaches to existing your female shroud adjuster at stern chainplate, if your female adjuster is missing, you should order that also, part #3102-110.
Our Price: $149.00
Our Price: $119.00
This kit gives you all the blocks, line and hardware to install a Boom Vang on any Mac except the 26M (use kit 3301-1M0).  Does not work with early boats equipped with the roller reefing boom when the sail is actually reefed.  Most boats already have the holes drilled in the mast and boom for the attachment bolts. If yours does not, you will have to drill two 1/4" holes. This beautiful polished stainless ball bearing 4:1 block set can be used for the mainsheet or vang. Their low friction greatly reduces the load when sheeting in the mainsail and allows the boom to go out without help in light wind.  A really nice upgrade both functionally and esthetically.  The ball bearings surround a ring that appears as a hole so we call them air blocks. This is a great upgrade for any older boat with loose spreaders that can fold up against the mast.  Greatly improves both the strength and stiffness of the rig, making it much easier to get good headstay tension.  Improved headstay tension means improved upwind performance.  Fits 3.5" X 4" teardrop style mast (1967 thru 2003). Most 26X models came with rigid spreaders standard, some early boats did not.
Our Price: $89.00
This kit modifies the boom so you can reef the sail from the cockpit. Your mainsail must have slides and jacklines, or slides and a mast gate cover to work properly. With just slides and no jacklines or mast gate cover, you will need to remove 1 or 2 slides from the mast to reef. Works great with your halyards led aft to the cockpit. An easy way to update your old roller boom to a more modern system.

This block is normally used as lower end of mainsheet block.  Just like the stock block but has a snap shackle for easy removal. Made with 5/32-1x19 Stainless Steel wire. There were several different lengths used on the 26C,we strongly recommend that you send in your old forestay so we know you are getting the correct replacement.

This is an upgraded wire, the same thickness as the side shrouds. We recommend using this if you keep the mast up on your boat.
Our Price: $66.00
Used as the bottom of the mainsheet set on all boats since 1987 and the bottom of the boom vang on all boats.  Has becket and cam cleat. Made with 1/8-1x19 Stainless Steel wire.  There were several different lengths used on the 26C,we strongly recommend that you send in your old forestay so we know you are getting the carrect replacement. Replacement fixed spreader sockets only, no hardware or retrofit parts.
Our Price: $59.00
Kit for cleanly running your roller furling line back to the cockpit. Includes 45' 3/16" line, four fairleads (like the two shown),  and a cam cleat to mount on top of the deck. Hardware will depend on which boat you have, please let us know the year of your boat. The CDI Roller Furling Kit does not include this.  But, if you are adding roller furling to your boat to be able to control the furling from the cockpit is a must! New adjustable "track style" fitting for the boom end of the optional Boomkicker solid boom vang on the 26C and 26X 1/8" 1X19 stainless steel wire with a loop at both ends. Please specify what model boat you have. This is the wire only as a replacement for the BWY Backstay Tensioner.  Add 4:1 blocks and line for the complete backstay tensioner. Good on all boats, but not for the 26M or Tattoo.
Our Price: $58.00
1/8" 1X19 stainless steel wire with a loop at the top and a male stay adjuster at the bottom. Pictures shows the backstay attached at the stern. Also shown is the optional stern rail.

1/8" - 1 X 19 Stainless Steel wire.  Used only on early model 26C, includes built in plate to attach 9' long mast raising pole, will not work with roller furling. Current style used on the 26M.  Boats older than 1997 need to update to new boom  end cap (3405-113) also.
Our Price: $52.00
Our Price: $48.00
Our Price: $48.00
5/32-1X19 STAINLESS STEEL WIRE WITH A BENT TANG AT THE TOP AND A MALE STAY ADJUSTER AT THE BOTTOM. This fitting slides into the mast track to hold the lower end of the optional Boomkicker solid boom vang on 26C and 26X models. 5/32nd 1X19 staniless steel wire with spreader bracket at the top and male stay adjuster at the bottom.
1/8" 1x19 Stainless Steel wire with a loop at each end. There were several different lengths used at different times.  You will need to measure your headstay from  loop to loop (the inside or "load bearing" face of the loop) or, better yet, send in old headstay for us to match it up exactly.. Thin & soft at the forward end, these help keep the sail from "folding" at the front end of the batten.  Improves sail performance, especially in older sails.  Must use as a set.  A nice improvement for not much more money.  Fits all pre 26X (1995) models with stock mainsail.  If your sail has been modified or replaced, it could be different, be sure to check Used in halyards aft kit. Depending on the model of boat, this block is placed on deck at base of mast or is attached to the mast itself.