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Our Price: $299.00
Our Price: $179.00
Our Price: $179.00
Also known as a dousing sock or a spinnaker sock. Light grey in color.
Considered the best dousing sock on the market. High quality breathable material. Tangle resistant design. Kevlar funnel, slips easily over spinnaker. Works much better than less expensive designs with a wire hoop.

This kit includes all of the hardware required to bring your main and headsail halyards back to the cockpit. This allows you to raise or lower your sails without going forward to the mast. Use one for the mainsail halyard, the second one for the jib, spinnaker halyard, or jib sock. If you choose the third rope clutch option you can use it for the daggerboard. The daggerboard is heavy and awkward to pull up, this makes raising it much easier. Unlike many kits, we use rope clutches to secure the tension on the halyards to assure a safe and positive lock that is easily adjustable. The kit comes with stainless hardware and Spinlock PXR rope clutches.
(Some pictures show the old, not available, rope clutch)

Upgrade your rigging without going to the extreme with a set of Samson MLX halyards. See "technical specs" to check out the details on the MLX line.

Available in all the pictured colors, please specify which color you'd like for main halyard and which for jib/genoa halyard in the "order notes" section (when you place the order).

This set also includes two halyard shackles.

Our Price: $169.00
Our Price: $149.00
This compass can be hand held, or installed in any inclination or position, vertical, horizontal, lying flat or even upside down. The Iris is a race course compass which can also be used to take hand bearings. Easily moved around the boat, it is simply clipped onto its smooth-edged bracket, which is designed not to catch sails or hurt fingers. A soft rubber casing provides protection against shocks.
• Conical 2-3/4" card with double reading (direct and horizontal) 5° graduations
• Sophisticated construction with motion dampening and expansion diaphragm
• Gimbaled magnetic set--- the card remains perfectly horizontal, whatever the angle of installation
• 2 mobile lubber lines
• Floats
• Length: 8"; weight: 10.3 oz.

This bow sprit is for the 26M, only. This is to help keep the spinnaker out in front of the headsail. The bow sprit comes with hardware to add to your anchor roller, which serves as the base for the bow sprit. Comes with mounting hardware, control line and blocks.

Intermediate reef point is for sails that come standard with only one reef point. The standard factory sail came with one reef point which was very high up the sail, meaning that you could reef but you would only have a very small portion of sail left to use. This high up reef point will become the second reef when you add the intermediate reef, or first reef. This means that you will now be able to reef sooner and still sail! As the wind picks up, you will want to reduce the heel of the boat but often won't want such a large reef, this option gives you the proper first choice. Shown are slides, jack line, and the big grommet is the first reef point, there will be a succession of these grouments in the sail.

NOTE: This is not a kit that we can send to you. We will have you mail us your mainsail and a professional sailmaker will do the necessary modifications and install. Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks after we receive your sail.
Our Price: $139.00
Our Price: $139.00
Our Price: $133.00
We recommend this telescoping pole (6'-12') for all Macgregor models. While Forespar says to use a larger size, we have found that the larger pole is too heavy to use in light wind without the complexity of a pole lift line. An added benefit is that if you completely lose control of things in a big blow, the plastic end fitting will break, acting as a sort of "fuse". These fittings are inexpensive and easy to replace. We stock these poles with latch fittings on both ends as we have found the "spike" style poles tend to come out of the sail grommet if the sail shakes a lot or goes slack. Instead latch securely onto the leeward sheet.

Everything is included in this kit for all boats except for 26M. If you have a 26M you must add the additional mast padeye bracket.

Because of the length this item ships oversize, and is subject to an additional $25 shipping charge. If we are able to get a cheaper shipping rate we will manually adjust your invoice accordingly.
Includes all the blocks, line and hardware you will need to install a Boom Vang on your 26M.  Nothing gives more performance gain per dollar spent than a boom Vang! Upgrade your rigging without going to the extreme with a set of Samson MLX sheets. See "technical specs" to check out the details on the MLX line.

Available in all the pictured colors, please specify which color you'd like for main sheet and which for jib/genoa sheet in the "order notes" section (when you place the order).

Our Price: $119.00
Our Price: $89.00
This beautiful polished stainless ball bearing 4:1 block set can be used for the mainsheet or vang. Their low friction greatly reduces the load when sheeting in the mainsail and allows the boom to go out without help in light wind.  A really nice upgrade both functionally and esthetically.  The ball bearings surround a ring that appears as a hole so we call them air blocks.
Complete kit for adding a spinnaker halyard. Includes 5/16" 66' halyard line, a mast cleat, and 26M upper mast tang with block. Mount mast tang 18"-24" above headstay. Also includes all stainless mounting hardware. If you have any boat older that is not a 26M or Tattoo 26, please use part #3810-1v4
This kit modifies the boom so you can reef the sail from the cockpit. Your mainsail must have slides and jacklines, or slides and a mast gate cover to work properly. With just slides and no jacklines or mast gate cover, you will need to remove 1 or 2 slides from the mast to reef. Works great with your halyards led aft to the cockpit. An easy way to update your old roller boom to a more modern system.

Our Price: $85.00
Our Price: $79.00

Extended anchor roller, usually mounts opposite side of the chain plate, like the factory anchor roller. Gives you a place to hang your anchor while using the factory roller to mount a spinnaker bow sprit. Also, the extra length may make it easier to hang a plow anchor. Includes mounting hardware, you will also need 3M5200 sealant. This anchor roller is 3 inches longer than the factory anchor roller. Be aware that some plow anchors may not fit under the Roller Furling Units. Be sure to measure the height of the anchor before you purchase.
Lazy Jack Lines are great for those who are looking for an easier way to contain the mainsail when it is lowered. This kit is good for all boats, and is a basic two leg system. While there are other multiple leg systems available we feel they become too difficult to raise the mainsail without tangling on battens. This two leg system will keep most of the mainsail on the boom when lowered, just finish containing the sail with a sail tie or two! Care must still be given when raising the mainsail so as not to catch the battens of the sail on the Lazy Jack lines.
Used to relocate the spinnaker halyard a recommended 18" to 24" above your headstay for flying an assymetrical spinnaker. Includes nuts and bolts.

Our Price: $45.00
Our Price: $35.00
Our Price: $34.00

Tack pennant, to help keep your spinnaker flying out in front of the bow rail, and two small turning blocks for the spinnaker sheets. The two small blocks attach to your stern rail cleats. Works best on stainless cleats, if you have the black plastic cleats you will need to add a small loop of line through the middle of the cleat to attach the turning blocks to. By sheeting all the way to the stern cleats on your boat you will insure proper sheeting angles for sailing performance.

This wind indicator fits over any standard Shakespeare or Metz antenna. This eliminates the need for a stand-off bracket.

The included tacking angle arrows are not useful on the 26M or Tattoo boats because of their rotating mast.
All boats, allows you to easlily and accurately adjust outhaul tension. Modifies the boom only.
Our Price: $28.00
Our Price: $27.00
This little red wind vane sits at the top of your
mast helping the skipper sail and look like a pro while sailing. This shows the direction the wind is coming from, helps you sail close to the wind and properly sheet your sails when off the wind.
Used for jib sheets or furling control line on most macgregors, not factory standard, will match factory mounting holes, but will not match cosmetically.  Older boats used a variety of cleat styles, to match 1995 and newer boats exactaly, use part # 4202-1V0. EXTRA PAD EYE FOR ATTACHING THE FORESPAR WHISKER POLE. THIS IS NECESSARY FOR THE 26M AND TATTOO 26 TO USE THE WHISKER POLE. IT IS NOT UNCOMMON FOR THESE TO BREAK IN HEAVY WINDS AS A SORT OF "FUSE" TO PREVENT DAMAGE TO THE SAIL OR THE POLE ITSELF.
Replacement vane for the Spar-Fly wind indicator. This is the red plastic indicator only, no other hardware. Not sure what MacGregor parts to get for someone? Give the open ended gift of a Blue Water Yachts gift certificate. They never expire and are good for anything in our online store.