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Our Price: $308.00
Our Price: $208.00
Our Price: $105.00
Direct replacement for all boats since mid 1980's, premium upgrade for earlier boats or late model 26M with plastic Forespar winches. Includes two winches. Does not include winch handle. Order #4502-110 winch handle if you need a new one. Basic, Economical replacement for all boats since mid 1980's (came with Lewmar Aluminum #6's) - upgrade for earlier boats with out of date winches. Anchor roller for 26x, custom designed to extend around the bow chain plate.  Specify if your boat has bow running light on the deck, or on the bow pulpit.  A special bracket for mounting the light to the anchor roller is provided for boats with the deck mounted light.  This roller is designed to lead the anchor line while raising, lowering, or at anchor, not for storing a plow style anchor. Although hardware is pictured, it will not be included unless you select the option to add stainless install hardware.
ANCHOR LINE, 3/8" x 150'
Our Price: $91.00
WHITE PLASTIC RAILS FOR THE SLIDING HATCH.  CAN REPLACE THE METAL EARLY STYLE OR UPDATE YOUR PLASTIC ONES. • 3-strand, premium nylon construction provide excellent elongation to help minimize the shock load effects of waves and wind on deck hardware
• Thimble will not rust or chafe in the line, and may be attached to any galvanized or stainless shackle for use with anchors or chain
• Sizes 3/8" x 100 ft through 1/2" x 150 ft are supplied in a reusable plastic tote box; larger sizes are supplied on a spool
A Series 25 masthead light and functional halogen foredeck lamp combined into a single fixture. Bulbs are operated independently of each other.
• Masthead bulb: 12 volt/10 watts
• Foredeck bulb: 12 volt/20 watt halogen
• Housing made of rigid, saltwater resistant and non-magnetic polycarbonate
• 2 hole mounting on flexible flange which wraps around mast
• USCG certified; 2 nautical mile visibility
• Dimensions: 7"W x 5.5"H x 2.4"D
Our Price: $69.00
Our Price: $50.00
Used as the jib block on all 26X and some early 2M models, also used as genoa blocks on some early 26Ms sold by bwy. New is not exactly as the shown picture. This is the newest rope clutch which is used in our halyards aft kit. This replaces the older style PXO Clutch, which is no longer available.
Fits all 1" track on Macgregor and Venture boats. Length of cleat is 7".
WHITE PLASTIC RAILS FOR THE COMPANIONWAY DOOR.  CAN REPLACE THE METAL EARLY STYLE OR UPDATE YOUR PLASTIC ONES. Fills the space underneath the captains chair to cut down on noise and also keep items from sliding away and into the engine well. This is the PANEL ONLY, you will not receive the mounting brackets. Note: The picture is of a transom filler on a 26M. The 26X transom filler will be larger and will fill the whole space of the wider transom.

If you have a 26M, your transom filler can be found here.
Used by BWY as genoa cars on 26X and 26M, also as jib cars on later 26M.  The factory used 4301-1V0 aluminum standup blocks, if you're buying only one replacement, check to see which you have so they match.
Our Price: $35.00
Our Price: $35.00
Our Price: $32.60
24" Long 1" T-track for jib or genoa blocks, one per side needed. Used to cover wires and control cables running from side mounted control box to engine so helmsman doesn't step on the wires.  Eliminates the need for less efficient internal routing of cables. Fits all boats except very early Venture models which used a flat bar style winch handle, which is no longer available. Fits all Lewmar and Forespar winches.
Our Price: $30.00
Our Price: $28.00
Our Price: $27.00
Replacement hinge for the swing up helm seat.  Includes 2" plug for the hole that you will need to drill to access the mounting bolt nuts.  Hardware optional. Ronstan cam cleat, factory replacment for boats 1995 and newer.  Fits but does not match cosmetically on older boats. Used for jib sheets or furling control line on most macgregors, not factory standard, will match factory mounting holes, but will not match cosmetically.  Older boats used a variety of cleat styles, to match 1995 and newer boats exactaly, use part # 4202-1V0.
Replacement bracket (long) for BWY side boarding ladder, slides onto Genoa track Replacement mounting bracket (short) for BWY side boarding ladder, slides onto Genoa track. CHAIN PLATE USED ON THE 26X FOR THE BOW AS WELL AS THE SIDES TO HOLD THE SHROUDS.
Our Price: $18.50
This bracket is used in place of the discontinued Aqua Signal Series 20 lights, which was the top-mount stern light on early 26Xs.

If you want to switch to the newer style of light, which is readily available and compatible with LED replacement bulbs, you will want to buy this bracket as well as the light assembly, part number 8306-1V1
Trailering bow eye with nuts and washers.  May be different from stock fitting on older boats. Early style fittings are no longer available. Brackets Only.  You need the filler panel to complete the transom filler. These are longer brackets that fit in the 26X transom.
Our Price: $14.00
Replacement foredeck hatch latch assembly for all 26X and 26M models.  Several different styles have been used over the years, this one will replace any of them. We use this block in our Macstack Lazy Jack/Main cover system but it could be used for many other things as well. Mounts to fiberglass or mast/boom using #8 sheet metal screws. Max working load of 330lbs and max line size is 5/16". Ball bearing block.

Long glass fiber injection molded • Used for outhauls, traveler controls, barberhauls, flag halyards and cunninghams
An upgrade over our standard plastic clam cleats. Used on the end of the boom for our single line reefing kit as well as our outhaul kit. Can be screwed or pop-riveted, Accepts 1/8" - 1/4" line.
Our Price: $14.00
Stainless Steel mooring cleat, standard on late model 26X and all 26M.  Makes a nice upgrade for plastic cleats on older boats.  One bolt hole will need to be filled if replacing plastic cleats. • 100% premium double braided nylon
• Professionally spliced soft eye at one end
• Yacht whipped at the bitter end and splice point
• 3/8" and 1/2" diameter lines have a 12" eye length
• 5/8" lines have a 15" eye length
Used on all boats, hasp is shipped straight, you will need to bend to shape for your specific boat. STRAPEYE ALSO INCLUDED.