Product Code: 3459-1V0

Bow pin:

Fixed snap shackle:

Mast base quick pin:

Pelican hook:

Quick pins:

Swivel snap shackle:


A fully equipped MacGregor can easily become a project to rig if you don't have your boat set up properly for easy rigging. This kit can cut rigging time in half for some boats, and reduces frustration levels by more than that!

Below is our recommendation for what we would put in a complete quick rig kit, but you can customize it however you want.

- 4 stainless steel snap shackles to add to the bottom of your mainsheet, boom vang, and mast raising kit, as well as on your jib halyard where it attaches to the top of the mast raising pole. We recommend 1 swivel snap shackle and 3 fixed.

- 2 easy to hold headstay pins (yes, you even get a spare) so that you don't have to struggle with the tiny clevis pin to attach your headstay to the bow. A word of warning: NEVER use a quick release or ball-lock pin for your headstay! They WILL fall out causing your mast to fall!

- 8 1/4" x 1" quick pins. These are great replacements for the screws at the mounting bases for dodgers and biminis, as well as lots of other applications for 1/4" bolts. A bimini will require 2 quick pins and a dodger will require 6.

- A pelican hook for your Starboard forward lifeline. This allows you to release your lifeline quickly and easily while trailering so that you don't need to tuck the spreaders under the lifelines. You will have to borrow a heavy duty Nicopress tool to crimp these, or you can send your lifelines to us and we can do it for you.

2 mast base quick pins. These take the place of the 4" or 4 1/2" bolts that secure the mast base plate to the deck plate, or the mast to the deck plate depending on which boat you have. You can put away the 9/16" wrenches if you get one of these, no more struggling with those nylock nuts and bolts. We recommend 2 just because it's nice to have a spare.