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Our Price: $139.00
Not sure what MacGregor parts to get for someone? Give the open ended gift of a Blue Water Yachts gift certificate. They never expire and are good for anything in our online store. We recommend this telescoping pole (6'-12') for all Macgregor models. While Forespar says to use a larger size, we have found that the larger pole is too heavy to use in light wind without the complexity of a pole lift line. An added benefit is that if you completely lose control of things in a big blow, the plastic end fitting will break, acting as a sort of "fuse". These fittings are inexpensive and easy to replace. We stock these poles with latch fittings on both ends as we have found the "spike" style poles tend to come out of the sail grommet if the sail shakes a lot or goes slack. Instead latch securely onto the leeward sheet.

Everything is included in this kit for all boats except for 26M. If you have a 26M you must add the additional mast padeye bracket.

Because of the length this item ships oversize, and is subject to an additional $25 shipping charge. If we are able to get a cheaper shipping rate we will manually adjust your invoice accordingly.

Upgrade Replacement Sails: (in stock)

Hank-on / 5.0 Dacron / 7/8 Hoist

This is the original factory size jib which did not go all the way to the top of the headstay, it is about 2' short of maximum hoist. MacGregor built these boats with full hoist Genoas, but not quite full hoist Jibs. Most people prefer to use our part # 7203-1V0 which is a more modern full hoist jib which was used on the later model M25 and M26 classic. With brass push style Hanks to attach to the headstay.

List Price: $399.00
Our Price: $399.00
Sale Price: $369.00
Savings: $30.00
Our Price: $465.00

Upgrade Replacement Sail: (in stock, BWY Exclusive)

Hank-on / 5.0 Dacron

A definite upgrade from your old factory sails, but still very reasonably priced. Made with high quality 5 OZ High Modulus Dacron in a cross cut design. These sails feature all stainless steel corner rings hydraulically pressed into the sail as well as larger corner reinforcements than the factory sails. While slightly heavier and stiffer to handle than the factory sails, this sail will last much longer, perform better through a larger wind range (your boat will go faster and heel less), and hold their shape better in high winds than the factory sails so you won't have to reef as often. This is a 100% Jib, the sail does not reach past the mast. The larger sail that reaches past the mast iis called a Genoa. With brass pull style Hanks to attach to your headstay. Please call if you have questions.

Offshore Sails: (in stock)

       Hank-on / 5.5 Dacron  

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