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Our Price: $979.00
Our Price: $329.00
Stock Size / Nylite 9 / Tri Radial / Choice of any 3 colors

Our stock size Tri-Radial sail, you can choose 3 colors! This is a star pattern. The color choice must still be a basic design, more complicated design will cost more, call for an estimate.
26C, 26D & Keel boats require halyard to be raised 2 feet above headstay.

Does not include sheets. This is a custom product which typically takes 2-4 weeks in the off-season and up to 6 weeks during our busy season.
Nylite 90 / Tri-radial sail, red/white/blue.

This picture shows the color but this is not a tri-radial sail, picture coming soon! A tri-radial sail pattern is a three point star. Very cool looking! The price is for the sail alone. You will need sheets, tack hardware, and halyard. We recommend raising your hayard, installing a new halyard tang and block, 16-24" above your current headstay. This allows the sail to fly with less interference with the headstay and headsail. On the 26M a bow sprit is a nice way to also get less interference with the headstay.
Venture 24/224, Venture 25, MacGregor 25, 26C & 26D requires halyard to be raised 24" above headstay. See our Spinnaker Halyard Relocation Kit to raise the halyard. Part number #3807-1V4

Does not include sheets

Also known as a dousing sock or a spinnaker sock. Light grey in color.
Considered the best dousing sock on the market. High quality breathable material. Tangle resistant design. Kevlar funnel, slips easily over spinnaker. Works much better than less expensive designs with a wire hoop.
Our Price: $169.00
Our Price: $45.00

We recommend this telescoping pole (6'-12') for all Macgregor models. While Forespar says to use a larger size, we have found that the larger pole is too heavy to use in light wind without the complexity of a pole lift line. An added benefit is that if you completely lose control of things in a big blow, the plastic end fitting will break, acting as a sort of "fuse". These fittings are inexpensive and easy to replace. We stock these poles with latch fittings on both ends as we have found the "spike" style poles tend to come out of the sail grommet if the sail shakes a lot or goes slack. Instead latch securely onto the leeward sheet.

Everything is included in this kit for all boats except for 26M. If you have a 26M you must add the additional mast padeye bracket.

Because of the length this item ships oversize, and is subject to an additional $25 shipping charge. If we are able to get a cheaper shipping rate we will manually adjust your invoice accordingly.

Complete kit for adding a spinnaker halyard. Includes 66' 5/16" hayard line, mast cleat, and mast tangs with block. Mount mast tang 18"-24" above your headstay tang. Kit includes all stainless mounting hardware. If you have a Tattoo or 26M please use part #3810-1M4. This kit is made for anything older than 2003.

Tack pennant, to help keep your spinnaker flying out in front of the bow rail, and two small turning blocks for the spinnaker sheets. The two small blocks attach to your stern rail cleats. Works best on stainless cleats, if you have the black plastic cleats you will need to add a small loop of line through the middle of the cleat to attach the turning blocks to. By sheeting all the way to the stern cleats on your boat you will insure proper sheeting angles for sailing performance.


Used to relocate the spinnaker halyard a recommended 18" to 24" above your headstay for flying an assymetrical spinnaker. Includes nuts and bolts. This is the tang set, bolts, and halyard block.

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