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Includes all the blocks, line and hardware you will need to install a 6:1 Boom Vang with the line led to the aft end of your boom. Nothing gives more performance gain per dollar spent than a boom Vang! This kit is an upgrade over the standard boom vang because it allows you to run the line neatly down the boom to the cockpit, instead of using the block mounted cam-cleat and letting the line run wild on the sliding hatch cover. The 6:1 ratio makes adjusting the vang much easier, and the boom mounted clam-cleat makes it easy to release.

Different boats require different attachment hardware, so please select an option from the drop-down menu.

If you already have a boom vang kit and just want to upgrade the blocks and add a clam cleat for the line, see part number #3814-1V0

List Price: $179.00
Sale Price: $129.00

Also known as a dousing sock or a spinnaker sock. Light grey in color.
Considered the best dousing sock on the market. High quality breathable material. Tangle resistant design. Kevlar funnel, slips easily over spinnaker. Works much better than less expensive designs with a wire hoop.

Our Price: $299.00

White gelcoat touch up kit.  Good to repair small chips and nicks in the white gelcoat.  This is MacGregor white, as the boat was built new. Includes patch paste, hardener, alcohol prep pad, mixing stick, sandpaper, and polish.  May not match up exactly on older boats that have yellowed in the sun.  Cannot ship outside the US and Canada.  Must ship ground to Canada. Can ship the paste without the catalyst to other places. Make your repairs now in the off-season!

Our Price: $23.50