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All boats, allows you to easlily and accurately adjust outhaul tension. Modifies the boom only.

Our Price: $34.00

Our Price: $34.00

Lazy Jack Lines are great for those who are looking for an easier way to contain the mainsail when it is lowered. This kit is good for all boats, and is a basic two leg system. While there are other multiple leg systems available we feel they become too difficult to raise the mainsail without tangling on battens. This two leg system will keep most of the mainsail on the boom when lowered, just finish containing the sail with a sail tie or two! Care must still be given when raising the mainsail so as not to catch the battens of the sail on the Lazy Jack lines.

Our Price: $79.00

This kit modifies the boom so you can reef the sail from the cockpit. Your mainsail must have slides and jacklines, or slides and a mast gate cover to work properly. With just slides and no jacklines or mast gate cover, you will need to remove 1 or 2 slides from the mast to reef. Works great with your halyards led aft to the cockpit. An easy way to update your old roller boom to a more modern system.

Our Price: $89.00

Intermediate reef point is for sails that come standard with only one reef point. The standard factory sail came with one reef point which was very high up the sail, meaning that you could reef but you would only have a very small portion of sail left to use. This high up reef point will become the second reef when you add the intermediate reef, or first reef. This means that you will now be able to reef sooner and still sail! As the wind picks up, you will want to reduce the heel of the boat but often won't want such a large reef, this option gives you the proper first choice. Shown are slides, jack line, and the big grommet is the first reef point, there will be a succession of these grouments in the sail.

NOTE: This is not a kit that we can send to you. We will have you mail us your mainsail and a professional sailmaker will do the necessary modifications and install. Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks after we receive your sail.

Our Price: $140.00

This kit includes all of the hardware required to bring your main and headsail halyards back to the cockpit. This allows you to raise or lower your sails without going forward to the mast. Use one for the mainsail halyard, the second one for the jib, spinnaker halyard, or jib sock. If you choose the third rope clutch option you can use it for the daggerboard. The daggerboard is heavy and awkward to pull up, this makes raising it much easier. Unlike many kits, we use rope clutches to secure the tension on the halyards to assure a safe and positive lock that is easily adjustable. The kit comes with stainless hardware and Spinlock PXR rope clutches.
(Some pictures show the old, not available, rope clutch)

Our Price: $179.00